Field operations

- Investments and investment management, direct business production at airports, airport;
- Investment, infrastructure operators, equipment, airport equipment, airport;
- Provision of security services, aviation safety;
- Building, construction consulting, repair, maintenance, installation of construction, equipment, electrical, electronics, mechanical engineering majors, civil engineering;
- Delivery of aircraft maintenance services, spare parts, aviation equipment and other technical equipment; provision of technical services, scientific services, technologies domestically and internationally;
- Provision of technical services for commercial ground; Services at the passenger terminal, cargo terminal; business services, duty-free sales; the apron services at the airports, airport; aviation services, other public services at airports, airport;
- Business Services to transport passengers and goods; warehousing; freight forwarding; restaurants, hotels and motels;
- Import and export, purchase and sale of supplies, spare parts, aviation equipment;
- Service agents for airlines, transport companies and tourism, manufacturers, suppliers of aircraft, supplies, spare parts, equipment and aircraft equipment and aviation;
- Supply of petroleum, aviation grease (including fuel, lubricants and special-purpose liquids) and other petroleum at airports, airport;
- Investments in foreign countries; acquisitions; capital contribution and share purchase or equity transfer and sale of shares in accordance with the law;
- Financial investments, financial leasing, banking;
- Trading in the field, other professions as stipulated by law.




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